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Replaced the repost source with the original source because it has WAY more pictures and info about this cool place.

Reminds me of home.

It’s been sealed. Which is dissapointing, but there’s pretty serious safety concerns with exploring old bunker complexes; they’re not as dangerous as old mines, but yeah.

This is how people die in horror movies.

It’s how people die a lot in real life, too. With the ventilation systems long since broken down, old military bunkers are often full of pockets of deadly air, on top of being prone to collapse or flooding.

(Source: thesassycat)

To Clarify a Recent Tweet

This is a signal boost to anyone and everyone I know, and maybe even those I don’t.
I’m past my prime here in LA, and those best years are behind me. However, I wish to accomplish all the things I wanted to back then.

I want to work on projects. Mine, yours, theirs, ours.
I’m looking for collaborators, writers, directors, actors, fashion forwards, artists, musicians, dancers, makeup, designers, etc etc etc.

I’m looking for people who want to create art for art’s sake. You know, those things we live for. People that have an idea, a vision, a passion.
And if we are successful along the way, that’d be great to.

Why are we not working on plays, novels, comics, musicals, web series, films, scripts, music, costumes, monologues, food, anything. Why are we not grasping for the smallest enjoyment a from the things we love?

There is only one requirement I have for you: ambition.
To take the average, and make something more of it. Go for better than what seems possible.

I have endlessly right opinions on just about anything. I’m sure you have some good ones too.
Work with me on something. Anything. And I’ll share right along.

To quote the great Michael Scott:
“Are you doing your best here?”

I know I haven’t been.
Have you?

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