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A fictional idea, not quite worthy of its own story

Headphones are labeled left and right, not for continuity, but because each ear picks up certain signals the other can’t. These translate to each half of the brain, creating a clear, but pleasing effect. Music becomes a soothing, but uneventful, pastime.

When you switch the sides to non-traditional, each ear is overwhelmed by the wrong signal, flooding each half of the brain with raw unfiltered data.
It throws our senses into confusion, creating powerful hallucinations and emotional landscapes.

People become lost in these dreamscapes, preferring the limitless ness of the human mind to everyday life. They search tirelessly for that one person who has the same visions, that sees the same world. That one person to live with, dream with. But as in real life, they can never truly know what was real, what/who isn’t, and if what they saw was ever really the same.

The Anatomy of Singularity

There are moments we dream about. Read about. Are nostalgic for. Romanticize.

Moments of connectivity with a person, an idea, a flash pan.

You can never describe these feelings to another, but as a phantom pang of familiarity, it envelops you.

Moments you can say to yourself, ” I am happy.”

"I am content."

This moment is the sum of everything that matters.

It’s so sickly sweet. And far too brief.

Your mind, your body, your soul, aches for more. Stronger than any sort of addiction.

You’ll search the world over for just another taste.

But as indescribable as it is, it is as unrepeatable.

Made of variables upon variables.

And you think ‘this moment’, you feel ‘this moment’, is shared by the individual before you. But one never can truly know, despite the prayers and feelings..

We do not live for these moments, falling in love with another person.

We stave death, that we may taste just one more treacle. Just one more second, give it anything.

Then it passes. And I am I, and you are you.

Marry, love, grow old, have kids, live your life. Time is finite, and what you spent here can be gone, but cannot die.

Forget me in all manner of ways.

Never forget this one moment.

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